Trainade Hydration


Do you want to focus more on your training, and worry less about your  supplements being up to industry standard?

Introducing the latest Hydration Supplement to hit the market, Trainade

Trainade was created by leaders in the Sports Nutrition industry with ingredients backed by science and tested by the TGAHASTA. This means NO nasty ingredients or banned substances, so you can consume assured of it's transparency and validity, when competing at elite levels. Our very own elite BJJ athlete, Jake O'Driscoll, endorses this intra-workout product with confidence and formulation-reliability.

Trainade is stacked with Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium to keep your body hydrated and replenished during intense, physically demanding sessions. PLUS it's gluten / dairy free, vegan friendly and naturally sweetened with monk fruit 

If you need a safe, industry approved supplement to give you the edge in your training, look no further than Trainade