Switch Nutrition Vitality Switch

Why should you use Vitality Switch every day? 

Think of it as your daily multivitamin, only in bioavailable, wholefood form. Not only will it help support your health, energy and performance, it possesses the equal nutrient value to 8 serves of fruit and veg in one delicious glass! With no added lactose or gluten, it’s purely plant based with the additional benefits of marine collagen and super mushroom powder!

Enjoy a supported inner immunity, gut microbiome and mental cognition, whilst detoxing and alkalising the body simultaneously. Lower inflammation, enhance that youthful glow, balance your hormones and optimise your daily energy levels

Only the most potent and natural superfoods, herbs, probiotics, antioxidants, apoptogenic mushies, aminos, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and enzymes were used in the creation of this little beauty. This revitalising super green powder is by far the most delicious greens drink we have ever tried! Make the switch from your stale bottled multis, and try this hydrating, invigorating, health boosting greens drink NOW