Switch Nutrition Power Switch

Power Switch is the performance energy blend you’ve been craving! Designed as the ultimate training partner, the powerful blend of natural caffeine, hordeum, Vitamins B12/B6, folate, EnXtra, VASO6 (from green tea), and theobromine will enhance alertness and support energy when you need it most. 

  • Boost performance, strength, vasodilation, mood and energy
  • Reduce fatigue and lactic acid build up
  • Power every session with no crash or jitters
  • Without lactose, sugar, gluten or soy
  • Vegan and keto friendly

What’s new with Power Switch?

Glycerol = Cell volume and hydration are enhanced to promote performance in both anaerobic and aerobic exertion. By increasing bloody flow, glycerol may also help to build and maintain muscle

Creatine HCL = This ergogenic acid will help boost performance, increase strength, support muscle growth and recovery. This 100% pure form of creatine is 60% more easily absorbed into the body and less likely to cause bloating

EnXtra = a favourite among the Switch Nutrition products, this caffeine amplifier was awarded Innovative ingredient of the year, 2019. It exemplifies caffeine effects by 30% without the nasty jitters or crashes

VASO6 = plant based proanthocyanidin has profound vasodilating properties, resulting in better blood flow and bigger pumps

Natural Caffeine = unlike harmful synthetic caffeine, which is absorbed too quickly resulting in the shakes, this formula boasts long lasting natural energy from the decaffeination of tea leaves

If you’re looking to switch up your pre workout to a more natural and effective formula, try Power by Switch Nutrition