Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

Are you on that #KETOLIFE? Do you follow low-carb or intermittent fasting? Maybe you want to burn fat, lower inflammation and increase energy? Keto Swtich has been specially formulated to switch ON all of the above, and more

An exogenous formulation containing Beta Hydroxybutyrate, this ketogenic performance fuel will help you burn fat, up your energy and brain function, control blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and fight those cravings!

With a precise blend of

  • L-Leucine + L-Lysine
  • C-8 MCT oil
  • L-Tyrosine

And NO

X added lactose

X sugar

X gluten

X or soy

It’s Vegan Friendly and 100% delicious! Suppress your hunger inducing ghrelin hormone, enhance your leptin sensitivity and Switch on your ketogenic potential NOW