Switch Nutrition Amino Switch

Do you want to replenish stores in real-time? Need a yummy substitute to boost protein? What about something to add to your workout sipper? Amino Switch could be the answer!

Just 1 scoop of Amino Switch = 30g Whey Protein Isolate! With perfectly balanced electrolytes, B vitamins and Schisandra chinensis, you’ll reduce fatigue, support recovery and performance, and boost those nitric oxide levels without the additional calories

What can you expect from this beauty?

  • Enhanced recovery + performance
  • Lowered cortisol + muscle breakdown
  • Potential for calorie intake to be lowered, = potential for fat burning to be increased!
  • Maintained protein balance, without the boring chicken breast

 It’s a vegan, dairy/lactose free alternative to protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids in perfect proportion. With no added sugar, gluten or soy, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any workout!

Maximise your Net Nitrogen Utilisation (absorption/utilisation) Switch ON muscle recovery and switch OFF muscle breakdown