MacroMike Almond Protein


When it comes to vegan protein powders, we don't think you can beat the new and improved Almond based beauty from MacroMike!

By combining almond protein, coconut powder, coconut nectar, and faba bean protein, Mike has created the smoothest, creamiest and tastiest vegan protein in the universe! What are the macros you ask? 

Protein; 23.3g, Fat; 3.3g, Carb; 5.5g, Fibre; 41.g, Calories; 144.7g Per Serve
*Varies across flavours 

Additional B vitamins and digestive enzymes means you'll digest easier, absorb quicker, and be able to fully utilise the energy provided. Say goodbye gritty, gassy pea protein, HELLO gut friendly deliciousness 

It also brags an epic, and transparent, Amino Acid profile to ensure you're repairing and rebuilding without compromise. The dairy free, lactose free, gluten free King, has done it once again! Try it for yourself today!