Legit Edge Pre Workout

Legit gives you the EDGE!

This Aussie pre workout has the stim and taste, to get you pumped up before your workout has even begun! With a stack of active ingredients, as well as Vitamin B12, you'll have the endurance and energy for whatever your workout throws at you;

StimEnglish walnut Extract, 100mg - 200mg. Stimulate your central nervous system and release those feel good hormones + enhance mental focus 

Pump; L Citrulline Malate, 3000mg - 6000mg. Relax blood vessels for those epic pumps you crave + fight fatigue for max power and strength + increase Nitric Oxide production for a pump that endures

Nootropic; Alpha GPC, 125mg - 250mg. May assist with brain function and concentration + that mind to muscle connection 

Endurance; Beta Alanine, 1600mg - 3200mg. Fights the toxins produced from working our muscles + perform higher for longer, with those tiny pre workout tingles we all love. SIDE NOTE - We didn't experience any crash down with this product, WINNING! 

We can't wait to see what Legit brings out next...  

Enjoy max benefits with a 2 scoop full serving size, our flavour of choice? Hands down, passionfruit