Inspired Nutraceuticals Superfood Greens

The most anticipated Greens powder has arrived to Messiah!

Ultra premium quality ingredients composited in a way not often seen in the industry...  Inspired Nutraceuticals Superfood Greens boasts efficacy and transparency in their very generous formulation. 

High doses of superfoods, shelf-stable probiotics (no fridge required), adaptogens, mushrooms and trace minerals. With every scoop you'll be getting a USDA approved serving of organic veg (Kale, Broc, Spinach), as well as a multitude of supports for your digestion, neurosystemand liver. Vegetarian approved, no WADA banned substances and naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit.

Key take aways from this product? Alkalinity, Gut Health + Nootropicsall in one deliciouslittle tub