Axe & Sledge The Grind

Introducing to the team, Axe & Sledge EAAs and Hydration  

This EAA and BCAA matrix may assist with recovery and hydration throughout your gruelling session, to leave you feeling more energised and able to push through

The flavour profiles are delicious, helping you to consume more water, if nothing else!

You can expect to leave the gym feeling hydrated and restored, with round and full muscles, ready to tackle the rest of the day 

Mix 1 scoop with cold water, ideally consume during and post workout, 2 times a day  - Consume in your post workout shake for added benefit! Suitable for use any time of day or night


  • Scorpion Venom - Mixed Berry
  • HWMF - Rocket Pop Candy
  • Swamp Beast - Apple Berry