About Us

Messiah Supplements is the latest online retailer of health and fitness supplementation. Whilst we are one of many, our passion and drive for a better, healthier nation is second to none. Founded in Perth, WA, Messiah Supplements stands by the principles of integrity and dedication, the driving forces behind the brand you see and the forefront of our service to you.

Our mission is to be Western Australia’s number 1 leader in online supplementation. We offer a range of products to support muscle growth, stamina, gut health, women's health, mental wellbeing and more, catering from the every day individual to the elite athlete.

Messiah Supplements is always striving to give you, our customers, more then the average in both quality products and service. We look to the international market to source the latest in health products to ensure WA is not left behind when it comes to the industry.

We believe in forming close bonds with our customers; we hope that personally delivering your orders when we can and making gym visits ensures the validity, authenticity and credibility of our brand. We want to make Messiah Supplements more then just a business, we want to build a strong, healthy legion of like minded individuals.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the pledge and join the team. Make your health number 1 and become the leader of your own life today