Switch Nutrition Coffee Switch - ON SPECIAL

Hands up if you’re a coffee fiendlike us…

We know there’s nothing better than that first cuppa in the morning, or that little pick me up during the afternoon slump. But, did you know over consumption of caffeine can lead to poor sleep quality, anxiety and even bone density loss? That’s why the team over at Switch Nutrition wanted keep the beloved ritual of coffee, but do it BETTER

Upgrade to Coffee Switch and you’ll find not only great tasting coffee, but coffee that is actually beneficial for you! With the addition of nootropic botanicals and organic super mushies, you can expect

  • Increased focus and improved mood
  • Enhanced energy and reduced inflammation
  • Balanced blood sugar = no jitters or crash

There’s also no added sugar, lactose or gluten, PLUS its vegan and keto friendly

So what makes Coffee Switch so good? It’s the special added ingredients Neurofactor + EnXtra .

EnXtra;  a natural botanical that improves alertness by 110% for up to 5 hours, by blocking the binding of adenosine and stimulating the release of dopamine! It also promotes vasodilation = better blood flow without all that caffeine.

Neurofactor; contains polyphenols derived from whole coffee fruit extract, shown to boost Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor by 143%! This means a significant boost in cognitive function, learning ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking.

Do we even need to talk about the $$$ you’ll be saving? Make the switch TODAY!